US Media Ignores Suspect, but Horrifying Iraq War Story

Sixteen troops were successful.
Five failed.

21 troops from the one division attempted mass suicide via heavy narcotics inside an Iraq military base. The reasons are unknown, but some speculate the division was responsible for a massacre of families in Northern Iraq--probably Haditha

Aside from the appalling and tragic nature of that news, I'm absolutely shocked that this happened 27 days ago!

The main news source is Iranian based off of Iraqi military information, so it could be propaganda, but I'm also not sure how the US military deals with news like this. I know the media here can't show pictures of coffins, but would they also censor a tragedy like this? Just because a URL ends with .ir should we assume it's false news? Are we to believe news stories are untrue because they are not delivered by mainstream American news outlets?

I don't know.

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