Sarah Palin Will Shoot You In the Face!

Yes! The Gods of the Internet have provided yet another snarky political website featuring one-liners about political candidates, but this time, it's SARAH PALIN! Yay!

Sarah Palin Will Shoot You in the Face is like its predecessors Barack Obama Is Your New Bicycle and the apparently now defunct Hillary Is Mom Jeans, in that perusers click on alternating sentences about the politicians' characters. Users submit their own sentences, but only those that fit the general theme of the website are added. Generally the theme is: Hillary=Bad, Obama=Good, but the sentences are all about subtley annoying or nice things; generally they avoid statements like, "HILLARY MURDERED YOUR MOTHER".

However, Sarah Palin's site has shaken things up a bit. Did you know that Sarah Palin bedazzles her wranglers? Or that she uses Todd as her bitch? She also makes fun of her grandmother when she's not around and wants you to wear a purity ring.

Clearly I've spent the past two hours submitting little insightful gems...

Click and enjoy, dear Internet!

Meanwhile, I'll sit and ruminate over the fact that Sarah Palin looks like my biggest girl crush, my beloved, my precious Tina Fey...

See?? Watch the skit here, while I go cry about the fact that I'll never be able to watch 30 Rock with the same level of devotion!

Sarah Palin's hair gets more press than her experience or platform.

She had the feathers even on the court!

She shoots animals from planes. ANIMALS! From AIRPLANES! Then she WEARS them! And she hates polar bears! AHH!

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